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Happy Earth

Swedish Dish Cloths Set of 4

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Swedish dish cloths have become all the rage for an all purpose cleaning cloth for your home. Made of only cellulose and cotton, they are plastic free and biodegradable. This set comes with 4 in different colors. 

They can replace the use of paper towel in your home. are machine washable and reusable 100's of times. Hang to dry between uses. 

Once washed they will not look like new but don't worry, just wet them and they will work as well as the first time. "Join the trend with these Swedish dish cloths, perfect for all-purpose cleaning in your home. Made from cellulose and cotton, they are plastic-free and biodegradable. This set includes 4 cloths in different colors, each designed to replace paper towels. They are machine washable and reusable hundreds of times—simply hang to dry between uses. Even after washing, they maintain their effectiveness, providing sustainable cleaning solutions time and time again.