Why choose Eco-Friendly Products?

At Happy Earth, we're on a mission to align the spin of our planet with the principles of sustainability. Our society has long operated on a disposable mindset, acquiring and discarding without a second thought. At Happy Earth, we're changing the narrative.

We've scoured the globe to discover products and partner with companies that prioritize eco-friendliness, innovation, and a broader vision for the world. In our commitment to a greener future, we also champion local vendors who craft handmade, small-batch treasures, available for purchase right here in Owen Sound and the surrounding area.

Choosing small-batch and local options isn't just about supporting your neighbors; it's a choice that reduces emissions linked to transporting goods over long distances and avoids mass production in pollution-emitting factories.

Happy Earth isn't just about products; it's about community, the planet, and the generations yet to come. Join us on this sustainable journey and become a superhero for our shared Earth. If you are a local in the Grey Bruce Region, you can also arrange for pick up at 781 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound, ON at a downtown shop called Body Science.

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  • Happy Earth Store Front

    Our store front may no longer be at 791 2nd Avenue East but if you are local to the Grey Bruce Region you can still pick up all our favorite products at Body Science at 781 2nd Avenue East in the beautiful River District downtown Owen Sound. Just choose local pick up at check out and use code LOCALPICKUP24 to get 15% off a local pick up order at this location.