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Happy Earth

Award Winning Product: Nature Bee Cleaning Pods- 2 Pack- Bathroom

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Nature Bee is a Canadian Brand that has won business awards. They have created a line of eco friendly cleaning products that will reduce your use of single use plastics and the amount of harmful chemicals you put back into our environment. 

In this box you will find 2 bathroom cleaning pods. Just drop in your reusable bottle, fill with water and watch it dissolve into a new bottle of cleaning solution. 

Discover Nature Bee, an award-winning Canadian brand dedicated to sustainability. Introducing our eco-friendly cleaning products designed to minimize single-use plastics and harmful chemicals in our environment. Inside this box, you'll find two bathroom cleaning pods. Simply drop one into your reusable bottle, add water, and watch as it transforms into a fresh batch of cleaning solution. Infused with the refreshing scent of eucalyptus and mint.