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Happy Earth

Kitsch Shave Butter Bar

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This 4 0z Buttery formula shave bar works to cushion your shave while hydrating and nourishing your skin in the process for the most gorgeous smooth, touchable skin.  -

Provides a “clear” shave without the mess of foam -

A plastic bottle-free  shaving experience

Free of parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, & artificial fragrance.

How to achieve the smoothest shave: Glide Kitsch Shave Butter onto wet skin, applying generously to desired areas for a close, cushioned shave with your razor. It's a nourishing prep step for your plastic-free shaving experience!

For a truly plastic free experience, use a reusable razor and switch out only the stainless steel blades every 7 shaves.