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Happy Earth

Kitsch Lavender Weighted Eye Mask

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Get ready to relax & rejuvenate with Kitsch Lavender Weighted Satin Eye Mask.

Self care at its finest, the luxurious satin fabric is designed to care for your skin, and help you sleep comfortably.

Weighted to give your eyes a light pressure sensation to promote deep relaxation. This may help ease tension headaches & can promote a deeper, more restful sleep while enjoying the fresh scent of the mask's real dried lavender seed filling. Lavender is known for it's ability to promote a sense of calm. 

The strap is an adjustable elastic strap, this means you can make it to the most comfortable fit possible. The luxury of satin is gentle on all skin types and is known for helping skin not to lose moisture.

Weighted stimulation therapeutically helps to reduce anxiety & stress.

Blocks light completely by applying soft even pressure on & around the eyes while helping to prevent premature aging.