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  • Eco-Friendly Conditioner Bar
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Happy Earth

Conditioner Bar- Fixer

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This conditioner bar might seem small but it is mighty!

Filled with super-power ingredients such as stinging nettle, loaded with antioxidants to repair and replenish, along with rosemary essential oil, helping to protect against hair fall associated with scalp inflammation and oxidative stress - join forces to create stronger and more resilient hair.

A delicate blend of essential oils, with lead notes of lavender and sweet basil, boast not only a soothing scent, but even more healthy hair benefits.

BEST FOR: damaged & weak hair.

 Approximately 50-75 washes (will vary) Color-safe, vegan & cruelty-free.

By buying shampoo bars without the plastic packaging, you are reducing your contribution to the plastic waste problem that plaques are world.

 Meet our powerful yet petite Conditioner Bar – a dynamo for your hair! Packed with potent ingredients like stinging nettle and rosemary essential oil, it repairs, replenishes, and protects against hair fall. A harmonious blend of essential oils, featuring lavender and sweet basil, not only lends a soothing scent but also enhances hair health. Ideal for damaged and weak hair, this bar offers approximately 50-75 washes, is color-safe, vegan, and cruelty-free. By choosing plastic-free shampoo bars, you contribute to reducing plastic waste and embracing a greener lifestyle.