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Happy Earth

Charlotte Bio CC Cream

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This tinted CC cream is vegan and organic. If you don't like wearing foundation but you want to use products that will both benefit your skin and provide light coverage, this product is for you!  This 6 in 1 tinted skincare cream will plump the skin, even out and enhance skin tone, smooth out wrinkles and moisturize all while giving a natural looking coverage.

Meant for dry and sensitive skin. Use after you cleanse, moisturize, put on your sunscreen as a final product for an even and glowing skin tone. 

"Discover the beauty of our Vegan and Organic Tinted CC Cream – a true multitasker for radiant skin! Perfect for those who prefer a lighter alternative to foundation, this 6-in-1 tinted skincare marvel offers plumping, tone enhancement, wrinkle-smoothing, and moisturization.

🌿 Light: Ideal for very fair skin
🌟 Gold: Perfect for medium skin tones
🌰 Nude: Tailored for darker skin tones

Crafted for dry and sensitive skin, it's your final step after cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen application. Unveil even, glowing skin with a natural-looking coverage. Embrace skincare that loves your skin and the planet. 🌸✨