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Happy Earth

Change Toothpaste Tablets. Bubblegum flavor. 65 tablets

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Have you tried toothpaste tablets yet? They are becoming more of common in the bathroom cupboards as people make the switch from the plastic tubes of toothpaste to this eco friendly alternative. All you do is put a tablet in your mouth, bite down, wet your toothbrush like you usually do and brush away to get that fresh foam.

These toothpaste tablets have Xylitol in them. This ingredient has been shown to help strengthen enamel over time in many studies. They also have a fun bubblegum flavor that is great for kids to encourage brushing.

Fluoride free. 

Common Ingredients: Xylitol - Sweetener with antibacterial properties Dicalcium Phosphate - Tablet Binder and polishing agent Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate - Foaming agent Sodium Bicarbonate - Polishing agent

Bubblegum Ingredients: Flavour - Artificial bubblegum flavour Silicon Dioxide - tablet ingredient to avoid clumping Butterfly Pea Flower Powder - Subtle blue colour