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4 Bamboo Floss Refills For Glass Jar

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Continue your eco-friendly dental care journey with our Bamboo Floss Refill Pack – the perfect sustainable solution for replenishing your floss supply. Designed for use with our Bamboo Floss Set, these refill packs contribute to your low waste living efforts, offering convenience, strength, and environmental responsibility.

**Key Features:**

- **Eco-Conscious Refills:** Specifically crafted as a refill for our Bamboo Floss Set, these packs are tailored to seamlessly replenish your floss container, reducing the need for additional packaging.

- **Sustainable Materials:** Our bamboo floss refills are made from Bamboo Plant-Based fibers, ensuring a compostable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional nylon floss.

- **Candelilla Wax and Tea Tree Oil:** Infused with natural Candelilla Wax and Tea Tree Oil, our floss promotes oral health while delivering a refreshing mint flavor.

- **Generous Length:** Each refill spool extends up to 90 feet, providing ample flossing material for an extended period, even with regular use.

- **Low Waste Living:** By choosing our Bamboo Floss Refill Pack, you actively participate in the next step of low waste living, reducing your environmental impact.

**Usage Instructions:**

1. **Keep the Original Container:** Preserve the stylish glass jar or bamboo jar from our Bamboo Floss Set and simply insert a new refill spool when needed.

2. **Easy Installation:** Replacing your floss is a breeze – slide the new spool into the designated compartment in the original glass jar.

3. **Convenient Storage:** Store the glass/bamboo jar on your bathroom counter for a stylish and functional display or keep it in a compact cupboard for discreet and organized storage.

**Environmental Impact:**

As with our complete Bamboo Floss Set, these refills maintain the commitment to environmental sustainability. Both the bamboo container and floss are compostable, ensuring that your dental care routine aligns with a greener lifestyle.

Make the responsible choice for your oral health and the planet with our Bamboo Floss Refill Pack. Join the movement towards sustainable dental care by ordering your refills today – a small step with a significant impact on the environment.