Why are eco-friendly products more expensive?

You might be asking yourself why it seems that many products that claim to be better for the earth are on the pricier side? It is true, that you may pay more money for such products than what you would find in a dollar shop or department store but that is because it is still a niche market where there is not enough demand to mass produce and therefore find way to lower operating costs. That is why it is so important that more people make more earth conscious choices with their shopping so that it can become main stream and even the big companies will feel the pressure to lower their carbon footprint to win back customers.

The other reason that such products are more expensive is that they are usually made from higher quality materials than just your typical basic plastic for example. Such materials may cost more to use and create products out of but the end result is worth it.

So now that you know why they cost more money, you should also know that the products we sell on this site are also of the utmost quality and tested for safety.  They may not be manufactured in large facilities but they are made with love by people who care about not just making a dollar but making a difference.