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Happy Earth

The Bathroom Essentials Kit

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This kit includes all you need for your night time routine. With this kit you can wash your hands, cleanse your face, brush your teeth and floss, all while reducing your contribution to plastic waste and harsh chemicals entering back into our environments and ultimately our bodies. 

It includes a durable and high quality reusable foaming hand soap dispenser made out of a bio degradable plastic called wheat straw. You can use it forever but if you are done with it, you can rest assured it will biodegrade in a proper composter in 6 to 9 months. It comes with your first hand soap pod too. Just drop in the bottle and add water, give it a shake to have a full bottle of hand soap.

A Charlotte Bio organic cleansing milk

A set of 10 Hemp reusable facial pads with a mesh laundry bag for throwing them in the wash to reuse

A bamboo storage case to keep them neatly on your counter while easily accessing clean ones. 

spearmint toothpaste tablets (195 tablets) Enough tablets to last you 3 months or for 2 people who brush twice daily, 45 days.

A set of 2 soft bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal infused bristles

A set of bamboo floss in a reusable glass jar

A set of 2 bamboo toothbrush stands