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Happy Earth

Myni Shower Gel Powder And Reusable Bottle- Tea Time Scent

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This set includes your reusable squeeze bottle to make your own shower gel out of the powder. Just add water, give it a shake, wait 6 hours and you will have a new bottle of shower gel that smells phenomenal.

The revolutionary bottle is made from a bioplastic that utilizes the left over shafts of wheat straw that would other wise just get discarded. The result is a material that is super durable but yet when put into the right composting conditions will biodegrade in 6 to 9 months. 

You can use it for a very long time and when you feel like you are done with it, you can feel better knowing it is not a typical plastic that takes thousands of years to decompose while leaving behind microplastics in our soil and water ways. 

When you are done your bottle. Buy a new pack of powder to refill again!