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Happy Earth

Myni Hand Soap Bottle and 2 Tablets

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This set of a hand soap bottle made of wheat straw bio plastic is reusable and refillable. It comes with 2 hand soap tablets. Just drop the tablet in the bottle, fill with water and once it dissolves you will have foaming hand soap. Purchase additional hand soap pods and you will not have to keep buying plastic bottles that get thrown out and usually do not get recycled. 

Wheat straw plastic is actually biodegradable! So, if you do eventually want to dispose of it, it will decompose with proper composting conditions in 6 to 9 months! However, the bottle itself is very durable and you will be able to feel the difference with the material of this quality bio plastic versus a standard plastic bottle that most hand soaps come in.

A great eco alternative to glass bottles that you have to worry about breaking.