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Happy Earth

Eco Shower Starter Kit

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This kit includes:

A Myni reusable bottle made of a wheat straw bioplastic that is both super durable to last a lifetime but yet biodegradable at the end of its use. It also has a Myni shower gel powder that you add to the bottle, fill with water to the line on the botte, give it a shake, wait 6 hours and you will have a bottle of fresh scented shower gel. When you need a new one, just order a new powder to refill your botte. Scent: Oh my Peach

A natural lava stone on a rope for getting rid of dry, dead skin, especially good for feet and dry patches on elbows.  

A hemp shower glove. This glove is soft but yet has just the right texture to give your body the light exfoliation it needs. Make sure to keep dry between uses. You could even put it over your shower gel to dry!

A Good Juju Shampoo bar for balanced hair. This shampoo bar is good for all hair types, is plastic free and will last for approximately 55 washes. Just wet, rub onto your scalp for a nice lather and wash like you normally would.