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Spinning Earth Toys

Eco Kitchen Starter Kit

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Are you looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint to build a better tomorrow for our little ones? Well one way you can make a difference is in your cleaning and kitchen routines. This starter kit is full of earth friendly alternatives to your typical kitchen cleaning products. 


The kit includes:

A dish soap bar that replaces up to 3 bottles of regular dish soap. (No more plastic bottles.) Just use it like you would soap and rub your wet sponge/brush onto it to get some lather

A bamboo cleaning brush. All made from natural bamboo, again reducing the amount of plastic thrown in our dumps daily. The top pops off when you squeeze the metal below it so you can replace the head every few months. 

 A Swedish sponge cloth set of 2, if you have not tried one of these yet, they are fantastic to replace paper towel, they soak up spills, can be used to dry dishes or wash counters and the best part is they can be washed over and over even in a washing machine. Win, win for earth and you. 

A Myni Reusable Spray Bottle made from a biodegradable  wheat straw bio plastic so even though it is extremally durable it can be composted at the end of it's life. This set includes a kitchen degreaser pod that you place in the bottle, fill with water, give it a shake and you will have a full bottle of cleaning solution. 

A set of 2 bamboo pot scrubbers, one with a softer sisal brush and the other with medium bristles for dishes with more stuck on food. 

A set of 3 beeswax wraps in small, med and large. Just use this all natural product instead of cling wrap to cover your left overs. Give them a rinse with dish soap and warm (not hot) water in-between uses. The waxy paper will form a seal around your food to lock out air.