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  • Eco-Friendly Dish Soap Bar
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Happy Earth

Dish Soap Bar

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Lemon scented foaming dish soap bar. This eco friendly dish soap will replace several bottles of dish soap. Just rub your wet dish brush, bottle cleaning brush or sponge onto the soap and watch it lather.

This 6 oz bar will last you a surprisingly long time and you won't need to keep ordering or going out to buy more plastic bottles of dish soap. If you get some food particles on it, just give it a rinse every so often. 

Just place on a dish tray that allows for some ventilation underneath to keep dry between uses. "🍋✨ Elevate your dishwashing with our Lemon-Scented Foaming Dish Soap Bar! 🌿🌍 This eco-friendly alternative replaces multiple plastic bottles. Simply rub your wet brush or sponge onto the bar for a lathering magic. Lasting surprisingly long, this 6 oz bar is your sustainable solution, eliminating the need for constant plastic bottle replacements. Rinse off food particles, place on a ventilated dish tray, and voilà – sustainable, refreshing, and efficient! 🍋💦