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  • Cork Women's Wallet
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Happy Earth

Cork Womens Wallet

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Did you know that cork is one of the most sustainable materials you can use? No trees are cut down to harvest the cork, only the bark is stripped off and it regrows while capturing more carbon as it does. 

This wallet is made out of cork! It also features an amazing art work design of a classic painting. It has a zipper that goes all the way around and several spots for cards, receipts and a zippered coin section. Discover the eco-conscious elegance of our Cork Women's Wallet!

Crafted from one of the most sustainable materials – cork. Unlike traditional leather, cork is harvested by stripping the bark, allowing trees to regrow and capture more carbon.

Key Features:

Sustainability at its Core: No trees are cut down for our cork wallets, embodying a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Artful Design: Adorned with an exquisite artwork design inspired by classic paintings, this wallet is a unique blend of style and sustainability.

Functional Zipper Closure: The wallet features a zipper that extends all the way around, ensuring secure storage for your essentials.

Smart Organization: Multiple compartments for cards, receipts, and a zippered coin section offer practical and organized storage.

Make a statement not only with your fashion but also with your commitment to a greener planet. Choose our Cork Women's Wallet – where style meets sustainability.