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Happy Earth

Bathroom Essentials Refill Kit

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This kit was designed to refill what needs refilling when you order the Bathroom Essentials Starter Kit but you can purchase it on it's own too.

This kit includes:

A Charlotte Bio Milky Cleanser

A bag of toothpaste tablets in Spearmint flavor (195 tablets)

A 2 pack floss refill pack for the glass jar

A Myni Hand Soap tablet

A Set of 2  bamboo toothbrushes with soft charcoal infused bristles

This set should last about 2 to 3 months depending on use.

If it for one person, there are enough toothpaste tabs for 3 months to brush twice daily.

If two people are using the toothpaste tablets you may want to add an additional bag of 195 toothpaste tablets in your order to make it last for 3 months.